What can you find in our rehabilitation centre?

We all know it is important to take care of our health with various rehabilitation methods or just to make our leisure time more enjoyable with a correctly set relaxation method or massage.

Given that we carefully listen to our clients’ wishes and continually try to fulfil them, we regularly supplement the concept of our rehabilitation centre, which entails not only an increase in comfort in terms of the environment and newest equipment but subsequently also an increase in the range of provided services.
In our rehabilitation centre, which occupies almost the whole underground premises of our health centre, we offer, besides the usual services such as massage, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, ultrasound, laser, magnetic therapy and lymphatic drainage techniques, these additional new ones:
Hot Stone Massage is an exclusive therapy which combines the effect of radiating heat from natural stones and special massage techniques, creating an unforgettable experience. This massage has a high therapeutic and relaxing effect and it also significantly helps to eliminate problems with sleep, concentration and an inability to relax.

Dry Bath is a device that is often used in rehabilitation and relaxation centres. It improves overall blood circulation and reduces muscle tension. It helps to improve the absorption of oxygen in the vascular system and reduces the level of toxins in muscles and thus contributes to faster recovery. It has a positive effect on the circulatory system and helps to increase joint mobility and flexibility. The massage takes place while fully dressed; the client does not have to take their clothes off and does not come in contact with water, which is appreciated especially by older and less mobile clients. This type of massage is also suitable for treating skin diseases which cannot be treated by conventional hydro massage.

Shock wave application This state of the art device changing an air wave into a radical acoustic wave is used for painless treatment of painful muscle insertions, large joints, tendon and muscle injuries and groin pain. It is used for treatment of chronic pain. It replaces surgery.

Special therapeutic laser and laser shower application are used in cases of pain in the spine and large joints (hip, knee, shoulder). Laser shower makes it possible to treat large areas in a shorter time. It effectively supports scar healing.

Cryotherapy is a method in which the body is temporarily exposed to extremely low temperatures. This method effectively helps e.g. in chronic inflammatory diseases of the joints and back and in degenerative joint diseases. It is also effective in dealing with post-traumatic conditions. It is also widely used to improve the immune system and increases the performance of active athletes.

Acupuncture is a treatment method based on traditional Chinese medicine, during which acupuncture points of a patient are punctured by a needle. According to the traditional doctrine, these points lay on acupuncture lanes or paths of energy called Meridians. Along those paths, according to the doctrine, vital energy called Qi flows and they are associated with individual organs. Acupuncture seeks to prevent creation of imbalances in the flow of this hypothetical energy and to remove them.

We have expanded and modernised services relating to lymphatic drainage.New, more powerful Lymfoven devices are also suitable for cosmetic lymphatic drainage.

Lymphoedema treatment is provided under the supervision of a doctor – lymphologist Martin Hrubý, MD.

You can attend Pilates lessons or exercises for pregnant women under the guidance of professional physiotherapists in our spacious air-conditioned gym equipped with rehabilitation aids.
An experienced paediatric nurse provides antenatal preparation and lactation counselling.

For those who are concerned about their excessive weight, we introduced an obesity treatment program which includes:

  • initial examination and health check-ups by a physician
  • body composition analysis using Tanita scales – assessment of the amount of muscle, fat, including the risk of visceral fat, the amount of water, bone mass and basal metabolism values,
  • blood pressure measurement, blood tests,
  • determination of the obesity type,
  • creation of an individual weight-reduction plan which mainly concerns dietary modifications and a regimen of physical exercises,
  • nutritional counselling, recommendations of motion regimens,
  • LipoNOOX dietary supplement – a formula created to improve metabolism and reduce fat tissue
  • Information materials – basic information about obesity, food energy values, creation of menu plans.

We also offer the purchase of rehabilitation treatments and massages of your choice in the form of gift vouchers that are sure to please your loved ones.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, call +420 311 746 233.