Therapeutic and cosmetic lymphatic drainage

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Lymphoedema is a serious manifestation of a disease and often leads to disability and mental deprivation of the patient. Lymphatic drainage in many of these patients, if carried out properly and in a team, is virtually the only effective option to improve their lives.
This service is provided at two levels:

1. In our Lymphatic Centre

where these procedures are part of the comprehensive care for patients suffering from diseases, when such care is covered by health insurance

Medical indications:

  • cancer (especially breast and gynaecological)
  • conditions after X-ray treatment
  • primary (congenital lymphoedema)
  • limb paralysis or paresis
  • secondary lymphoedema occurring with chronic venous insufficiency
  • post-traumatic oedema, algodystrophy
  • rheumatic diseases
  • certain metabolic diseases

2. As part of our rehabilitation

where there is no clear medical indication and lymphatic drainage is fully or partially paid by the client

  • Cosmetic indications, supportive treatment (regeneration, recovery)
  • Entesopathy
  • Heavy legs syndrome
  • Lipolymphoedema
  • Convalescence

Lymphatic drainage, if it should have its medical function, should be indicated by a physician, preferably a lymphologist. Poor indication, poorly implemented technology, non-cooperation with other doctors (dermatologist, gynaecologist, surgeon, psychiatrist, diabetes specialist, etc.) result in treatment failure and may even cause harm to the patient.
Not every limb swelling is lymphoedema. General practitioners should assess the possible cause of the swelling. Patients with confirmed diagnosis of lymphoedema should be treated by a team of experts (general practitioner, dermatologist, psychologist, oncologist, rehabilitation specialist) with a lymphologist coordinating the care.
It is necessary to differentiate between lymphatic drainage with medical indications and other indications (cosmetic, restorative) which are not covered by health insurance. But even here, poorly implemented technology and noncompliance with certain schemes may be harmful to the client.

Contacts and appointments – Outpatient Lymphatic Clinic, surgery, 2nd Floor
Martin Hrubý, MD, phone: 311 746 115
Appointments and information – Lymphatic drainage, Rehabilitation Department
Lymphotherapists: Lenka Kučerová – phone: a href=”tel:311 746 362″>311 746 362, Hana Švarná – phone: 311 746 363, Soňa Vrbová – phone: 311 746 220